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Welcome to RBM Aquaculture


The Commercial Yabby
is a comprehen-
sive guide to all things
yabby & yabby farming.
Written in plain English

this complete guide to

yabbies is the fifth book

by Rob McCormack that

compiles all you need to

know on yabby farming.


Commercial Yabby Farming "


    2nd Edition

Keeping Pet Yabbies

A complete A-Z of how

to keep yabbies as pets

In tanks and ponds.  This

book is a must for any

Yabby enthusiast.

       More info

Keeping Pet Yabbies

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ABN 60 331 375 204

RBM Aqua specialises in crayfish and fish nets and traps, yabby and crayfish books plus consultancy to the aquaculture/aquarium industries.  We are a privately owned Australian business with the principal Rob McCormack having over 20 years experience as one of Australia's leading commercial aquaculturalists.  RBM Aqua is part of the Australian Aquatic Biological Group which has instigated the Australian Crayfish Project.  This is a ongoing project to capture, identify and photograph every species of Australian Freshwater Crayfish aiming towards their conservation. Click for list of freshwater crayfish.

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Nets & traps available in our Aqua-Shop
We supply eel traps, yabby traps, shrimp nets and specialized items to the general public and other commercial farmers.  As an aquaculture industry leader in Australia for over 20 years we only supply those goods that we use ourselves on our commercial farms and that have a proven performance record.
RBM Aquaculture Consultancy Service specializes in consultancy to the aquaculture industry.  Utilizing over 20 plus years of experience as industry leaders in Australia, we offer our services to existing as well as new farmers.   We specialize in new aquaculture farm developments, assisting new farmers entering the industry with farm design and licensing approvals.

We have designed dozens of the Australia's leading land based aquaculture facilities.

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